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Road accidents always happen and due to complicated insurance coverage, it could be confusing. So we recommend consulting an experienced Uber accident lawyer first.

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Since its launch in 2009, Uber has transformed the transportation industry worldwide. With the push of a button, customers can request and pay for a ride to any location they desire. Uber’s ridesharing existence has made finding a ride for a night on the town or a trip to the airport much simpler.

While taking an Uber is convenient and easy, it is not without risk. Uber drivers are not trained specifically for their work; they have a standard driver’s license, just like any motorist in New York State. But the nature of working for Uber can be challenging. It requires long periods behind the wheel and navigating unfamiliar locations.

That’s why, as a passenger, you should be aware of the possibility of an Uber rideshare accident. These incidents can occur anytime, resulting in severe injuries to those involved. You may be entitled to compensation if you have suffered a severe injury in an Uber accident. Car accident lawyers know what is necessary to address your Uber accident cases. It would help if you did not have to go through this challenging situation alone.

Quick facts about Uber

If you’re not familiar with the Uber platform, here are some facts about the popular ridesharing service:

  • Uber was initially founded as “Ubercab” in 2009. Today, the company offers services in 80 countries worldwide, including hundreds of metropolitan areas.

  • Unlike cabs, Uber does not determine trip rates through a meter system. Typically, customers receive the estimated fare for each trip before being picked up by an Uber vehicle.

  • Uber drivers are independent contractors, meaning they can decide when to work and for how long. Drivers log into the Uber app and can accept a ride request from any nearby customer. They then use a GPS, built into the app, to travel to each destination.

  • Uber allows drivers to be rated using a five-star system in the mobile app. After each trip, passengers to give a rating to the driver based on their overall satisfaction with the travel experience, are asked to rate the driver. If an Uber driver accumulates a low average rating, they may get a ban from driving for the company.

Does insurance cover Uber drivers?

Uber requires anyone who wants to be a driver to meet some essential criteria. Potential drivers must be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license and be able to pass a standard background check. Individuals who work for Uber must also use their registered vehicle.

Although Uber drivers use a personal vehicle to work, their private insurance policy will likely not cover accidents that occur on the job. However, in certain circumstances, drivers may still get coverage under Uber’s liability insurance policy. If you are an Uber driver, you will get cover for up to $1 million in the event of a traffic accident. However, this protection only comes into effect if you were transporting a passenger or were on your way to pick up a passenger at the time of the collision. If neither of these conditions applies, you may still qualify for limited liability insurance coverage, depending on the details of the accident.

What you should know if you have suffered an accident with an Uber

Uber Accident Injury: Car accident victims can be complicated from a legal standpoint, especially if third parties or passengers are involved. When a driver, passenger, or pedestrian is seriously injured in an Uber accident, it can be challenging to determine who is responsible for paying damages.

If an Uber is a negligent driver, resulting in a severe bodily injury, they cannot use their insurance policy to provide compensation. However, Uber can provide uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage to passengers injured in an Uber vehicle.

Third parties, such as other motorists and pedestrians, may have a more difficult time obtaining compensation when injured due to an Uber driver’s negligence. If this is your situation, a personal injury attorney can fight on your behalf to protect your legal rights.

What happens if you have an accident with Uber?

Accidents always happen, but Uber accidents are confusing due to complicated insurance coverage. Therefore, if you are a passenger in an Uber vehicle and an accident occurred, your driver’s insurance will most likely not be sufficient to cover your injuries. Even if your driver was at fault for the accident, uber’s insurance company might resist paying the claim.

If you are injured in an Uber car accident, seek medical help immediately. Likewise Getting medical assistance can do two things for your case:

Your medical provider will give you the treatment you need so you can heal quickly.

If you file a personal injury lawsuit, you will have a documented record of your injuries.

After an Uber accident, we recommend hiring an experienced Uber accident lawyer to help deal with Uber’s complicated insurance policies. Below we have listed few different scenarios in which Uber insurance coverage changes:

Uber accident

The Uber driver has the app turned off:

Uber drivers rely on their car insurance when not using the car for work purposes (the Uber app is off). If an Uber driver causes an accident while they do not have the app running, their car insurance will cover them.

The Uber Driver Has The App Turned on, But no One is in Their Vehicle:

When Uber driver uses their car for work, Uber offers supplemental liability and driver’s car insurance. Suppose the Uber driver is listed as available in the app but is not carrying any passengers at the time of an accident.

In that case, the primary personal car insurance first comes into use. Uber then offers liability coverage of up to $50,000 per injury claims (maximum: $100,000 coverage/$25,000 property damage). This type of coverage is only triggered if the driver requests it and their car insurance only covers some things.

Uber Driver Has The App on And is Carrying a Passenger:

Uber provides up to $1 million in coverage if the accident occurred when the driver is at fault and is carrying a passenger. This policy applies to any injured third party, such as other vehicle occupants, pedestrians, or motorists on the road. The driver’s insurance comes first, and the liability coverage will cover the rest.

Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage With Uber:

Accidents can also cause drivers who do not have car insurance or do not have enough insurance. If you are in an accident in an Uber caused by another uninsured driver, uninsured/underinsured coverage can help protect you and the Uber driver. Uber has $1 million in coverage for situations like this.
Remember: Uber driver insurance can change quickly with the tap of an app. If the Uber app is disabled while someone is driving, then a passenger or third party is only protected by that driver’s car insurance. Once the Uber app is activated, supplemental liability coverage costs up to $1 million.

What should I do if Uber hits me?

When someone strikes Uber vehicles as passengers on foot or on a motorcycle or while driving you will be responsible for any injuries to your vehicle. Your safety should be the main focus; follow the advice listed below. Anyone who is hit or killed by vehicles such as Uber can be seriously injured. Even though you thought there was no damage, there was an immediate complication. Contact a knowledgeable rideshare accident attorney immediately for a consultation

Can Uber Be Sued For an Accident?

If you have had an accident with Uber, you cannot sue the ridesharing company itself, but you can take legal action. Uber can deny liability for any accidents involving its drivers. In the company’s eyes, each Uber driver is considered an independent contractor. It is best to first speak with an experienced rideshare accident attorney, someone with experience handling Uber accident claims.

What if another driver is at fault (not your Uber driver) while you are riding as an Uber passenger? Then the other driver’s insurance policy will come into play. The other driver will not have enough coverage to cover your medical bills and lost wages. In that case, remember that Uber has a $1 million uninsured/underinsured motorist policy that could apply to help protect you as a passenger.

Uber accident settlement amounts can vary, but your first step should be to contact an experienced Uber accident lawyer to discuss your Uber accident report.

How much does Uber pay in settlements?

The insurance company will pay the driver of the Uber car $8.5 million in compensation.

Can I lose access to Uber if I file a claim?

Some passengers injured in an Uber accident may be wary of filing for compensation. They may rely on Uber’s platform to get to work or to commute and are concerned that filing a claim will cause Uber to take away their user capabilities.

The good news is that there are no instances where a customer has lost access to filing a claim. If you have been seriously injured in an Uber accident, do not hesitate to contact our Uber accident attorney to start the claim process.

Does Uber give your money when your in an accident?

I guess it’s ok. In Uber accident victims have a variety of options that depend on what happened.

How do I file a claim with Uber?

Please contact the driver support section of the app. Click on issues on trips and adjust them. If you need help immediately after a crash, you can contact the driver support staff directly via a link in the Driver App.

What happens if you get into an accident while doing Uber eats?

Uber Eat policies include a $50,000 maximum for an individual and a $10,000 maximum for a car accident. A third company’s policy covers property damage if a driver is injured.

How Long Do I Have to File My Uber Accident Claim?

The time limit for filing a personal injury claim is known as the statute of limitations. Here in California, it is two years from the date of your ridesharing accident.

If a federal, state or municipal vehicle was also involved in your Uber accident (regardless of whether you were the passenger, pedestrian, or driver), you have six months from the accident date to file a personal injury claim against them. The statute of limitations for accidents involving state vehicles is only six months. If this describes your situation, call Uber accident lawyers as soon as possible. Six months is a concise amount of time; once it passes, you have no legal recourse, no matter how serious your accident and injuries were.

How is Liability Determined in an Uber Accident?

As with all car accidents in California, Uber drivers will be liable for their passengers’ injuries if they were responsible for the accident. If the other vehicle’s driver in the accident was trustworthy, they are accountable for their injuries.

What makes Uber unique is that, unlike a cab, the driver uses their vehicle to transport passengers. That is why Uber requires them to have personal insurance policies. However, as stated above, these policies do not cover accidents that occur while the driver is driving for Uber. That’s because they are operating their vehicles in a commercial capacity. Uber’s insurance will hopefully cover the accident if the Uber driver is liable.

Why Should I Hire an Uber Accident Lawyer After My Accident?

Dealing with any ridesharing accident can be difficult. These cases are more complex and challenging to handle on your own. Multiple parties can be involved, and the laws are constantly changing. And frankly, Uber does not have your best interests in mind. If you got an injury in an Uber car accident, you should call Uber accident lawyers. Attorneys can effectively handle all communication with Uber and any other party or car insurance company.

Uber accident attorneys may also have access to information that you may not be able to obtain. For example, Uber driver monitoring information. This allows Uber to see how its drivers behave on the road, keeping track of the speed at which they drive and any sudden braking or sharp turns they take. After an Uber accident, Uber will not readily turn over this information to an accident victim. Still, they are usually bound to do so if requested by an Uber accident lawyer.

How Can an Uber Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Have you been injured in an Uber accident? An experienced Uber accident attorney can help you with the following:

  • Get your medical bills paid.

  • Get your vehicle repaired or replaced.

  • Negotiate a maximum settlement with the insurance company.

Philadelphia Uber Accident Lawyer

How much is an Uber accident injury case worth?

Uber has an insurance policy that is typically up to $1 million per accident. The amount will depend on the details of your case, the state you are in, and how many people a involve in the accident.

In large cities, commuters often rely on cabs as an alternative to driving or using public transportation. Recently, companies like Lyft and Uber have transformed the way people travel. However, these companies have not changed one facet of transportation in particular. Driving leads to accidents.

Even the most gifted drivers can injure others because of their recklessness or momentary mistake. As this is a new concept developing in the law, insurance collection can be difficult to navigate. If an Uber-related accident causes injury to your body or your car, don’t wait to seek legal advice. We can help you seek compensation.

Lawyers are helping Uber accident victims.

Seek wrongful death compensation following and after the Uber accident. Experienced professionals are committed and have a free upfront fee, so you can wait to pay until you win. If Uber accident lawyers have helped people who were injured during the accident, it is a good idea to contact Uber. You will get the maximum advantage in settling claims against Uber with an attorney. If you or someone else has been injured in an Uber rideshare, please get in touch with us immediately for a quick consultation.

What to do once you are involved in an Uber accident

Uber has an accident involving reporting system. Uber instructs its drivers to report an accident. From there, Uber has a $1 million policy that covers property damage and bodily injury. If it’s not an Uber driver, but another driver, the rules on who the insurance covers are unclear. Do you ask the driver’s insurance for help? What if they deny you coverage?

Next, you could try to hold Uber responsible, but Uber vehemently denies any directive role over Uber drivers. Injury claim are simply the means of communication; however, many in the legal and insurance fields frown upon this.

It is confusing and also exhausting trying to get the money you are due after an accident. Should you sue everyone? Well, the answer is also complicated. Attorneys understand that the collection process can be frustrating.

What happens to Uber passengers?

Taking Uber is safer for passengers and the driver is responsible if the driver doesn ‘t have any other options for them. If a person gets hurt, it’ll be worth it. Most accidents are innocent victims, and often you are the passenger in the incident. It does take no evidence. The average Uber accident attorney will explain to you what a passenger needs to prove the damage to themselves. You could be liable for damages and be fully reimbursed if they are not covered by insurance. Insurance on Uber vehicles helps in reducing injuries suffered by passengers.

What should I do if I get injured while driving Uber?

If you suffered injuries while driving Uber, speak with an Uber accident lawyer who knows the laws of ridesharing collisions. In the wake of the passage of California Assembly Bill five, the law will likely be murky in court. It’s no longer possible for Uber or its customers to claim to have a financial obligation to pay wrongful death victims for their own negligence. A lawyer from The Dominguez firm can assist in a lawsuit involving Uber drivers who are seeking restitution.

Contact an Uber accident lawyer in Philadelphia.

Ridesharing liability is an area of the law that is still developing, so you should contact an experienced Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer if you get an injury in an accident. You can count on several different law firms to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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You have a limited time to file a claim

The maximum time for filing the case is three years. When your third-party lawsuit is complete, the insurance company will know that your case won’t settle until you pay.